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D G Van Curen
President of Humanists of Idaho

Humanists of Idaho is a non-profit corporation organized to promote:

Ethical, democratic, and naturalistic humanism in the state of Idaho

Through public awareness, education, and community involvement.

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A short video that says a lot about Secular Humanism:
Millions Are Living Happily Without Religion

Humanist Philosophy Supports:

  • The application of reason and science to the understanding of the universe and to the solving of human problems.
  • An open and pluralistic society, where democracy and the separation of church and state are the best guarantees of protecting human rights.
  • Securing justice and fairness in society and eliminating discrimination and intolerance.
  • Showing love and respect for the planet Earth and all living things thereon, especially humankind.
  • Contributing to those less fortunate than ourselves, thus helping them become self-sufficient and able to enjoy the benefits of a decent life, including clean air and water, adequate food and health care, housing, education, and individual rights.
  • Treating all persons everywhere with dignity, respect, and friendliness.
  • The common moral decencies: altruism, integrity, honesty, and responsibility.

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