Membership and activities of Humanists of Idaho are governed by the following Bylaws:


LAST AMENDED May 24, 2010

I. PURPOSE: The purpose of this society is to promote ethical, democratic, and naturalistic Humanism in the state of Idaho through public awareness, education, and community involvement.

II. MEMBERSHIP: Any person shall be eligible to voting membership who is in general accord with the above-stated purpose and pays the membership dues established by the society.

III. GOVERNMENT: The society shall be governed by its membership and, between meetings thereof, by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Secretary, Vice-President, Treasurer and Charitable Coordinator, all elected by the membership for terms of two years, with elections in even numbered years beginning in 2010.
Except as otherwise prescribed in regulations of the membership or of the Board of Directors, the duties of the Board, and the officers and committees of the society shall be as customarily prescribed in Sturgis’ Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.
The Board of Directors shall fill by appointment any vacancy occurring on the Board between elections.

IV. MEETINGS: Regular meetings of the Membership shall be held at times and places set by the Board or the membership. Board meetings shall be held at times and places set by the Board.
Special meetings, social events, public programs, etc. may be scheduled by the Board or by a committee it appoints. Times and locations of all meetings shall be announced to the membership no later than one week prior to the meeting.
A quorum for the transaction of business at Membership Meetings shall be 25% of the paid membership.
A quorum for the transaction of business at Board meetings shall be a majority of Board members.

V. ELECTIONS: The Vice President shall preside over elections and nominations. The Vice President shall nominate one or more persons for each office. The President may appoint a Nominating Committee to assist the Vice President. Additional nominations may be made either at a meeting of the Board or membership, or by petition of 5 members. No person shall be nominated without their consent.
The May Membership meeting shall be the “Annual Meeting” and, in even numbered years, at which the election of the Board of Directors shall be certified. The Vice President shall check, count, and report on the ballots. Results will then be certified by the board. The President may appoint an Election Committee to assist the Vice President. Election shall be by vote of a majority of those voting thereon.

VI. DISBURSEMENT OF FUNDS: All bills or disbursements from the Treasury for ordinary operating expenses shall be approved for payment by the Board of Directors. All other commitments of funds from the Treasury shall be approved by the Membership.

VII. AMENDMENTS of these bylaws may be initiated by vote of a majority of the Board members or by those present and voting thereon at a Membership Meeting, or by petition of 20% of the members of the society. Enactment of all amendments shall be by vote of a majority of the members voting thereon.

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