Selected Articles

This is a collection of selected articles and publications, some recent and some from years past.

1. “I Am An Atheist” D G Van Curen August 2011

2. How I Became A Humanist Mary Fran Groll, March 2007

3. Life Begins At Conception And Ends At Birth D G Van Curen April 2011

4. Neo Humanist Statement Of Secular Values And Principles Paul Kurtz 2010

5. Grass Roots News AHA April 2006

6. Day Care Proposal DG Van Curen November 2005

7. Minn Humanist News Minn Humanists December 2005

8. Working for the UN in Afghanistan Nancy Hendricks     August 2002

9. For want of a meme Chris Struble     September 2001

10. Religious thoughtlessness threatens our freedoms Joe Voight     January 2001

11. Peace on earth Chris Struble     January 2001

12. Directions: a native American ceremony Nicolle Foster  December 2000

13. Moving Beyond Politics Chris Struble     November 2000

14. Children’s Rights in the next century Chris and LeAnne Struble  May 2000

15. Outside the box: the limits of “black box: approaches to human knowledge Chris Struble     March 2000

16. Table Rock cross controversy Chris Struble     December 1999

17. Boise needs new symbol Mary Fran Groll      November 1999

18. The Preciousness of Humanism Daniel Foster     August 1999

19. Idaho Humanist Education Center Daniel Foster     November 1998

20. Poem of Spring Nicolle Foster     June 1998

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