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Humanists of Idaho
P.O. Box 44913
Boise, ID 83711-0913

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Inquiries and general information


President: D G Van Curen(Van)


Vice President: Pat Acks


Treasurer: Paul Rolig


Secretary: Jan Rowe


Charitable Coordinator: D G Van Curen


Newsletter Editor: Jeanette Ross


In need of a Humanist Celebrant, for a wedding, funeral, or other celebration: D G Van Curen, HOI Celebrant

Have a charitable project to recommend, looking to volunteer, or donate to a charitable cause: Dan Kinikini, Charitable Cordinator, HumanKIND Project

Looking for information about Secular Home School Projects, or Secular Family Projects: Candace Norvell, Programs Director


If you are interested in attending Humanist activities in the Treasure Valley:
Our schedule of events are handled through our Page.

Humanists of Idaho is a member group of:

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