Humanists of Idaho has activities for members, as well as community programs and services. Activities include monthly discussion meetings, social and educational events, charitable events, a newsletter and web site. Check our web site for a schedule of upcoming events.

Our community programs include a library program, charitable program, outreach program and permanent building fund.

Online Discussion Group

For updates on upcoming events, and discussion about issues of interest to Idaho humanists, Like Us/Learn More on:

Library Program

In order to make more information about humanism available to the public, Humanists of Idaho has donated books on humanism and books by humanist authors to local libraries, and hopes to make additional donations in the future.

Humanists of Idaho also has a collection of books on humanism, ethics and science. These books are available for loan to all members. For more information, contact our Librarian

Helping Hands Program

The philosophy of Humanism asserts that we, as humans, are all in this life together — we live together, grow together, and share a planet together. Humanism calls upon us to work with one another towards relieving local and global problems, rather than hoping for supernatural assistance. As part of our larger goal of helping other humans, Humanists of Idaho members donate specific items and time to deserving individuals, or organizations that help the needy or that support diversity, tolerance and human rights in our community.

Organizations we have helped in the past include Idaho Public Television, Idaho Food Bank, Children’s Miracle Network, Planned Parenthood of Idaho, Interfaith Alliance, El-Ada Community Center, and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. Anyone having questions regarding¬† any of our charitable programs should contact HOI Info .

Outreach Program

One of our most important tasks is making the public aware of our group, and giving the public a greater understanding of humanism. To that end we have educational brochures that we send to interested parties. Our members are also active in writing letters to the editor defending tolerance, human rights, and the scientific worldview.

If you would like your school, civic group, or other organization to learn more about humanism, we would be happy to send a speaker to give a presentation. Please contact our Celebrant to arrange a visit.

We also have several large banners that we have used at human rights events and in the July 4th parade. In the past we have set up outreach tables at such events as the Hyde Park Street Fair in Boise’s North End and other events.

Permanent Building Fund

A long term goal of our organization is to establish a Humanist Education Center in the Boise area. This facility will include a library, office, and one or more large meeting rooms where weddings and other events could be held. It would serve as the focal point for our activities and be our center of contact with the public. It would be similar to the Center for Inquiry, but on a smaller scale.

To build toward this dream, we have established a Permanent Building Fund. This fund is managed in a separate account from our operations budget. Ten percent of membership donations are put into the building fund. Members can also donate to the fund directly. A collection can for the building fund is brought to meetings on a regular basis.


To volunteer to help with any of the above programs,
Or to suggest a new program,
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