The following links pertain to humanism, atheism, skepticism, freethought, human rights, and related topics. Our linking to these sites does not necessarily imply our approval of their content, but merely suggests that they may be of interest to anyone exploring these topics.

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American Humanist Association. AHA is our parent organization. Their site contains an excellent collection of Humanist literature, events, and links to other organizations. The AHA’s ordaining arm, called the Humanist Society of Friends, provides Humanist Counsellors and Celebrants. For more information on celebrants, please visit our Services page.

Council for Secular Humanism. CSH is our other parent organization. They publish the excellent magazine Free Inquiry, and sponsor the Campus Freethought Alliance, which provides a network of support for university freethought organizations.

The Humanist Institute The Humanist Institute exists to equip humanists to become effective leaders, spokespersons, and advocates in a variety of organizational settings, including within the humanist movement itself. We explore humanist values and train future leaders.

Church of Rationality You can believe in whatever you want, but if you want to believe in the truth — you must be rational.

Institute for Humanist Studies.. IHS provides online classes, a weekly online newsletter, and web hosting service for many humanist groups including Humanists of Idaho.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. CSICOP is the leading organization for skeptical scientific examination of paranormal phenomena. They publish the excellent magazine Skeptical Inquirer, and together with CSH sponsor the Center for Inquiry, a center for humanist and rational learning.

Freedom From Religion Foundation. Focused on separation of church and state issues and defending the rights of non-believers.

National Center for Science Education. Dedicated to promoting the teaching of evolution in of public schools, and to promoting evolution education.

Meetups and Online Students: Online Doesn’t Mean Alone – is a resource for helping students start, find, and/or use social media like Meetup to enhance their educational experiences. The current trend, moving higher education from the physical campus to the virtual, online campus, creates a number of new challenges. Classwork from a computer means that students are isolated, class sizes are often very large and therefore, struggling students may go unnoticed. But for every problem, there is a solution, and that is where social media comes into play; creating and engaging social interactions based upon common interests and common need.




Moments & Milestones Unique and secular Idaho celebration service, weddings and other life events, featuring D G Van Curen (Van), our very own Humanist Celebrant.

Cosmos Coffee Club A place for Free Thinkers and like minded people to meet and discuss – anything.

West Valley Freethinkers Meetup Group Based in Canyon County, Idaho, but open to all Freethinkers, West Valley Freethinkers is a meetup group for the science minded and non-religious.

Rev Aileen Coles Interfaith, non-religious and non-denominational wedding ceremonies

The Interfaith Alliance Providing community services such as the Sanctuary homeless shelter, aid to relocating refugees, and support for various non-profit groups

Idaho Women’s Network Uniting the voices and interests of Idaho women, families, and communities  

Idaho Atheists The local chapter of American Atheists is a non-profit, educational organization focused on serving the needs of Idaho’s atheists.

Idaho Peace Coalition A discussion group for the Idaho Peace Coalition, a peace organization dedicated to passionate and non-violent action. The Idaho Peace Coalition has been outspoken against the war in Afghanistan.

Snake River Alliance SRA is a grassroots organization which focuses its work on nuclear waste issues, with their main focus being monitoring activities at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.

The Community Center Providing an inviting and safe facility for the use of all LGBT, allied community organizations, and individuals

Boise Secular Humanist Examiner Articles and links relevant to Secular Humanism and Secular Idaho

Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund The first goal is to provide scholarships for students entering the field of early childhood education, and incentives to keep them in Idaho after graduation. The second goal is to provide funding for young children’s education programs.

NearSys – Near Space Systems NearSys is a multifaceted organization, with interests in near space exploration, microcontrollers, robotics, space, and astronomy. Check out the
NearSys channel on YouTube




The Secular Web. Excellent online resource for information about atheism and freethought.

Reason Works Freethought audio tapes and thought-provoking articles.

Ring of Fire Enterprises Distributors of many wonderful products for freethinkers.

EvolveFish Source of many freethought products, including emblems, bumper-stickers, t-shirts, and more.

Smart Recovery A secular alternative to religious group-based recovery programs such as AA.

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